How to display any posts type listing with customization

Do you want to show any posts type listing using widget or short-code with lots of filters and customization option so that display of listing look similar to your theme look, we have created one plug-in with new features like editing CSS, adding pagination, customization of output using theme functions.php file, generate short-code using short-code generator tool. Lets know about all these features.

  1. Plug-in page :- Dashboard > Posts > Post Shortcode
    In that page we generate short-code and edit CSS of plug-in, also you can reset plug-in CSS using update empty text area of CSS. Please refer below screen-short.screenshot-3
  2. Dashboard Widget Area :- Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > PS Widget
    In that widget you can filter post using category or tags or taxonomy, order by, order, post type, taxonomy relation, post parent (not),post in (not), post name in.
    In that widget you can show read more, title, excerpt, content, post meta, date, category, tag, pagination, feature image with size, theme. Please refer below screen-short.screenshot-1
  3. Front End Display – Front page
    Please refer below screen-short that show output of short-code or PS Widget. Do you want to change the layout of shortcode or widget output, ( Like you want to add bootstrap layout ). For this first copy function pcs_get_post_output() from the plugin folder post-shortcode/inc/pcs-shortcode.php file, then paste it into your theme functions.php file and rename function name as pcs_get_custom_post_output() and edit the function.screenshot-2

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